Monday, 23 November 2009

Escape Theme Park

Escape Theme Park-Singapore's biggest outdoor Theme Park

There are so many attractions for leisure and Recreation in Singapore.
If you are really tired of the stereotypes of tourism,
then check out something exciting with our group today!
At this blog, our group wants to introduce the Singapore’s biggest outdoor theme park-Escape Theme Park.
At modern society,people easily get stressed out

for many reasons coming from the jobs,family,etc.Then forget everything today.
Let’s go to the Escape Theme Park.Let’s escape from all the pressure and stress.
Just hang out with your family and take your children if you have any here.
There are various of amusement facilities which can release all your unhappiness. The Kite Flyer, the only ride in Asia will fly you up high and you will be even too excited to keep a calm breath.Also the rollercoaster will totally entertain you with excitement and thrillment.
Challenge your braveness.Fill your heart with the thrillment.Just shout out and scream around with the overwhelming amusement facilities!!
Cheers and totally relax yourselves together your children and family.Breath in the fresh air and melt yourselves with the nature.It is really a great form of leisure.
I highly recommend you to have fun at the Escape Theme Park when you under the great pressure.
Notice: If you have heart disease and not any experience, please do try these extreme recreation. These amusement activities require children of height 1.5 metres to be accompanied by an adult.

Here is the link of the pictures of Escaple park :


Anonymous said...

fck u lah.. the first picture wasnt singapore buildings/creation .. u bloody toot... thats sun way lagoon found in kl.. moron..

Anonymous said...

Damnj it! The first pic is actually Malaysia's Sunway Lagoon! Why would you want to share the FAME of Malaysia Singapore?? Don't you have your own mind and brains??